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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Free Download

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight, a really nice simulation game sold in 2003 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play a flight and vehicle simulator video game title.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Free Download

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This section covers thousands of freeware downloads and add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, or as it's more well known within the community, FS2004. FS2004 has been one of the most popular and highly developed flight simulator packages that Microsoft have ever released for PC. Some users even swear by it, preferring it to FSX.

Because FS2004 is probably the most popular flight simulation package ever released, freeware developers have released thousands of files that can be installed into it. Many users prefer FS2004 to later releases of Microsoft Flight Simulator because it's friendlier on frame rates and can be made to provide graphics equal to that of FSX, but with double the frame rate speed.

In this section you will find thousands of files that can be installed alongside FS2004 including aircraft, scenery, tools, utilities, vehicles and more. Installing any of the packages is quite easy and most of them include detailed installation instructions. Scenery files can bring new airports and airfields that may have not existed or been very under-developed, while downloading add-on aircraft can allow you to pilot some of the most famous fighter jets, civil passenger jets and helicopters.

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Other than all the history stuff, there's nothing in Flight Sim 2004 that you're not expecting. Better graphics of course (they're really quite lovely now). A totally revamped weather system that's as real as anything we've seen to date. The auto-gen scenery engine works with the respective terrains much better than before (meaning cities now actually look like proper cities when you fly over them). The ATC has had a complete upgrade and despite one or two minor bugs involving aircraft disappearing from runways and the like, makes the skies around you feel as busy and alive as they used to in the old Flight Unlimited series (the previous standard bearer). Virtual cockpits are also now included in every plane in the box, which helps the flight experience immensely.

Fundamentally it comes down to whether you like flying planes for the sake of flying planes or not. There's no reason not to like Flight Sim 2004 other than for the subject matter. Technically it's a near flawless product, and certainly the best civil flight sim on the market. The history aspect adds a new dimension to the proceedings and is as good a reason as any to make you rush out and buy it - a move lean highly recommend. Not that the fans won't already be installing it anyway. Must be nice to have a guaranteed audience like that.

Released in 2003, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Century of Flight is a very ambitious flight sim. There is no shortage of these games, but this one here stands out for many reasons and is fun if you are an aviation enthusiast or someone like me who just likes to mess around with cool-looking planes!

Ok so I played the game just using the keyboard and eventually I got the hang of it, but the word simulator is in the name of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Century of Flight for a very good reason. This is a game that has a lot going on. While I got into it with the keyboard just fine. I have heard that you can get a very expensive flight stick which makes the experience even better. Being the cheapskate, I am no way I am buying a flight stick just for a handful of games!

Glossing over the fact that strictly speaking, cal the game 2004 maxes it 101 years of flight, Microsoft's E3 presentation stressed that as much of the last 100 years of aviation is represented as possible. Taking FS2002 as a starting point, FS2004 contains recreations of everything from the Wright's original flyer, through such legends as Charles Lindbergh's record-breaking Spirit Of St Louis, Amelia Earhart's Vega 5B and more recent long-haulers such as the DC-3, right up to modern jumbos and choppers.

Without a doubt Microsoft clearly has outpaced any competition with their flight simulator series and continues to increase the distance with Flight Simulator 2004. Out pacing the competition does have its issues however, as Microsoft must now convince you that their latest release is significantly improved from their last. The good news is that Flight Simulator 2004 offers a number of new features and improvements that brings the experience to a new level while not losing the formula that continues to bring success.

The improvements to Flight Simulator 2004 include expected updates like increases in aircraft, airports, and additions like GPS units. Flights can still be set up to numerous places all over the world in an array of possible craft ranging from helicopters to passenger jets. Also new this year is a wide variety of historic flights such as the Wright Brothers first flight, Charles Lindbergh's "The Sprit of St. Louis" flight, or Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Vega flight. After flying some of these aircraft, a better feel for the magnitude of these early achievements will also be gained, as you'll see first hand why some of these first flights were lucky to just get off the ground. In addition, all of the different aircraft have that same realistic physics engine that captures the essence of an actual flight specific to each individual aircraft from take-off to landing. Other options like the learning center are also available to teach the finer points of piloting and helping those unfamiliar with flying become accustomed with the different terminology.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight is video game released in 2003, and is part of the Microsoft Flight Simulator video game series. The program included an improved weather engine, that provided true three-dimensional clouds and true localised weather conditions for the first time. The engine also allowed users to download weather information from actual weather stations, allowing the simulator to synchronise the weather with the real world. Other enhancements from the previous version included better ATC communications, GPS equipment, interactive virtual cockpits, and more variety in auto-gen such as barns, street lights, silos, etc.

Virtualcol, based in Columbia has been developing flight sim add-ons for over a decade for FS2004, FSX, and Prepar3D. They have recently released their first model for Microsoft's new 2020 release (MSFS).

Rated 4.4/5.0 based on 29 customer reviews Roger Martin04/27/20194/5 Verified Purchase Hello SimShack ,This is an excellent free download for the ATR 42 for FS 2004 . The out appearance of the variousof the various livries are well done It comes with a pdf checklist and operating manual for theflight computer as well as the various switches. The auto pilot is a little difficult to understand but has alot to do with my computers screen as the virtual cockpit can be magnified to clearly read allguages and switches. The ATR 42 model has very forgiving flight characteristics and handles and flyies well . Trimming the airplane also is easy to do. One item I notices is the C of G is showing way forward of the c of G zone but does not show in the flight chracteristics.opening the fuel and load section shows only 1 load point so I imagine it is not adjustable. The fuel however is fully adjustable. Inflight sounds are good in all views and the engine shutdown sounds are very realistic . propeller animation is also good. in this package there are 2 main control panels both virtual cockpit and 2d cockpit as the package addresses 3 different versions on the ATR 42 depending on the airlines requirement. to sum up you can't go wrong as it is getting harder to find aircraft that run in FS 9 , and I imagine the FSX and P3D versions are better yet. Thanks Virtualcol and Simshack

I downloaded the FSX version. The download was quick and faultless. Unzipping the file was easy and the supplied installation programme made everything very quick and easy. Having spent just over an hour flying this plane my review naturally is limited - especially as I'm not a fan of virtual cockpits so I only used the supplied 2D cockpit panels.I am impressed by the quality of the graphics, paint schemes, sound quality and flight characteristics. It might be the way my FSX has been set up, but the "mouse-over tool tips" were missing which made life difficult at times and almost impossible sometimes due to the very small readouts from the gauges.For a totally free download, these are criticisms which are a bit picky but these and more would be fully justified if I had paid for this - in fact I would have been demanding a refund.Download it, fly it and enjoy it.

Thank you for offering this aircraft as freeware. I don't want to seem ungrateful, but this is my honest opinion. In terms of the aircraft, the 2D panel is OK in so far that it's easy to follow and use. The textures are 'flat' though. The VC is a different matter. It looks very unreal and again the texturing is almost none existent. Difficult to read some of the gauges too. The sound is OK, but it lacks depth. The plus side is that there are plenty of liveries but they look too clean. I like liveries to look 'used,' that's a personal preference however. I have to admit, if I'd paid for this model, I would've been disappointed. Thanks for the opportunity to download and comment on this plane.

I still use FS2004 so it was good this free aircraft was compatible with it. It handles very good and will even start buffeting if you overspeed which you dont find in many FS payware models never mind freeware.I swapped the supplied sounds with an old payware sound set I had but preferred the free ones so swapped them back again. The panel instruments are a bit tiny making especially the speed gauge hard to read, but bringing your view forward cures this. 041b061a72

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