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Goosebump moments in sport.

I opened my google search this morning only to have a goosebump moment.

The story read:

"Australian Olympic legend Cathy Freeman's

daughter stuns athletic fans with a blistering run."

As soon as I read this it took me back to that famous day in 2000 when Cathy won the 400 metre final at the Sydney Olympics.

The race is my all-time favourite and I have probably seen it replayed more than a few times.

I cannot wait to see if history will repeat itself in a few years time with Cathy's daughter.

Gene pools are so amazing. For me, it brings up the question of whether these amazing athletes are freaks or whether they have to have more than just good genes.

Hopefully, she has the drive and determination of her mum, if she wants it. I look forward to seeing her progress.

Thank you for making my day with such an amazing memory that took me

right back to that moment in 2000.

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