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Spring fever

Spring has sprung and what an amazing season.

Today in Melbourne is absolutely superb.

On my walk from Port Melbourne to Albert Park Lake, I was greeted by beautiful blooms in every colour. Next was the warm gentle breeze touching my skin and feeling the warm sun as I arrived at the Lake.

My quest today was to see some Cygnets and ducklings.

I find it so refreshing to walk this lake of almost 5km. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing.

I have walked it many times with others and loved the experience.

I sometimes prefer to do it alone, with my own thoughts and I stop when I see something interesting or a little family of swans or ducks, just doing their thing.

I take a photo but sometimes the photos do not capture the whole experience.

I am always in Awe of nature and it's beauty.

I was rewarded with a family of 6 today and lots of new life.

I am feeling very blessed to give myself this time out to enjoy.

Happy weekend.

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