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The Cygnets have arrived...

Another reason why I love spring....

It is Cygnet season.

Today I went for a walk to Albert Park Lake.

Why was today special?

The question is how many?

How many Cygnets can I spot this morning.

One of my favourite things to do is to go searching for Cygnets.

I love our Albert Park Lake. So many things to see on the almost 5km journey around the outside of the lake.

Today there were yachts, kayaks, and people running, walking, and sitting. Beautiful birdlife, ducks, and lots of dogs with their owners.


Swan families with their CYGNETS.

I saw 24 this morning, 5 families.

So happy.

All this and only 2.5km from home.

So lucky.

Very happy with my morning walk.

11km in total.

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