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I would like to feel that my heart is open and I like to see the kindness in people.

I was taking a walk on my own on Sunday afternoon to catch the sunset at Princes Pier, Port Melbourne.

As I was approaching the pier the sky was turning a beautiful shade of pink. I started to take photos as I often do.

I person walked up to me and he said would you like me to take a photo with you in it. I replied thankyou so much, that would be lovely.

He said if you go and it on the seat I will get as much of the background in for you as well. He took 3 photos from different angles and then gave me my camera back.

I thanked him again, and as he left he said thankyou so much for trusting him. He then said that lately he had been really disappointed because people had refused many times when he suggested to take photos for them. He felt that people were scared due to covid.

I thought to myself that it was sad that people do not trust each other. I feel that I will always trust my gut in these situations and was very appreciative of this act of kindness.

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