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Always the optimist....

We are coming towards the end of September.
I felt I would like to share my thoughts on dreams and goal setting.

As soon as I heard that we may be able to travel after Christmas I booked a trip.

That is how I am.

Always the optimist.

I love dreaming and goal setting. What more can I say I am a Pisces...

Funny, even from a young child I had dreams and goals but didn't know....

that I was a Pisces..

a motivated person

or a goal setter.

So funny really...

In the days when I knew nothing about yoga, mediation, the effect of the full moon, the effect of the planets, laws of attraction and so on.

Some may say back in the good old days but I wish I knew then what I know now.

I love some of the short meditations that are little chants. These mantras have really turned meditation around for me. I struggled with meditation 12 years ago when I first became a yoga teacher. The thought of staring into a candle or counting my breaths was so challenging for me and I have to admit that I thought I would never get it. I thought it was a waste of time. My mind would wonder and I would struggled to keep still.

I love the positive affirmations particularly one called om shanti om which translates to peace. I love it so much because it is so vibrant and positive.

In the Hindu religion or "in the yogi world" it is believed that if you chant or sing an affirmation or prayer (a goal or a dream) 108 times each day your message would be heard. Mala beads are usually used for a period of time on the one affirmation or prayer and your message will be heard. Chanting these mantra helps you to concentrate and stay in the present.

108 is a very powerful number. Just a few reasons why the number 108 is so sacred.

The Sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth.

The distance from the earth to the sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun.

Chanting a mantra 108 times aligns ourselves with the will of the universe and its creative energy.

Relating to the human body there are 108 nadis, or main energy lines that are emitted from the heart chakra.

It is such a vibrant and positive message and when I chant and sing these meditations I find myself not thinking about anything else and I feel uplifted and positive.

"Surrounding ourselves with positivity
and peace is true bliss."

Here is one of my favourite chants.

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