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I am reading a story in the paper today about how people feel when they turn the big 50 or the big 60. Many feel sad or they would like to avoid celebrating it altogether.


I have passed these 2 big milestones and feel very lucky that I have achieved them. My attitude has always been that you cannot change that number and apart from extra lines here and there it is not so bad. I have a little joke with myself about when I look at myself in the mirror.

I need glasses for reading so I just will not look with my glasses on and then I have nothing to worry about.

When I was turning 50 I decided to

embrace that occasion with a few things.

Firstly my daughters were keen that we have a party. The party started out more for them than for me.

150 people latter it was a grand celebration and a wonderful night. I decided to make it extra special and learn a dance to preform on the night.

Mario and I were doing ballroom dancing once a week at the time so we took some private lessons and a lot of practice and preformed a dance on the night.

I must admit it was a thrill. We changed into different clothes and the dance was a fox trot and modern jive in front of our family and friends. We pulled it off, although it wasn't perfect it was heaps of fun.

My beautiful daughters and my amazing husband Mario all made me feel very special and made speeches to me and sang to me. Memories that I will never forget.

As it turned out it was the last big family occasion that my step father Norm enjoyed before his passing.

Secondly I wanted to raise money for charity and I did not need any presents. I decided that I wanted to do a 3 day hike of the Great ocean road to mark my birthday. I found one that raised money for oncology children's cancer. The minimum amount to raise was $2,000 and the walk was 70km. Perfect.

I asked family and friends that if they wanted to buy me a present for my 50th, instead would they please donate to the charity. On the night I put a box out and I raised more than $2,000, I was so happy. My friend Deb asked if she could join me for the walk and of course I was thrilled with that idea. We did the walk together and she also raised funds for the charity. There was only 5 people in our group and 2 leaders so it was perfect. We only had to carry day packs with us and we had a chef who cooked us the best food. We had a wonderful time and fabulous memories that I will never forget. Good company, magnificent scenery, amazing food and a huge appreciation of our Great ocean Road.

When I was turning 60.

When it came to my 60th I decided that all I really wanted to do was to walk the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail in Japan. The walk was for a week and it had been on my travel list for at least 10 years.

I started researching and wanted to combine the walk with seeing some of traditional Japan. We had a beautiful 17 day holiday in Japan including the very memorable Kumano Kodo walk. I would recommend this walk to everyone. It is truly spectacular. 1000 shrines and temples along it's route.

The 60 celebration went on for a while. My daughter Rachel was determine that the birthday was to have a celebration and gave me a surprise party. She did tell me that there was something brewing but did not want me to do anything. We had a beautiful daytime party at a park along the Esplanade near Hampton and I was spoilt. My brothers surprised me and came from interstate and I was treated to a belly dancer.

I had beautiful speeches from my friend Deb, Mario and my girls.

It was a beautiful day and I felt very special and loved.

As it turned out it was the last family event that my Mother in law Jane was able to enjoy with everyone before her passing.

I feel that these milestones are not just for us to enjoy but for all those who have shared our journey with us. We really never know how long our journey is and I feel that I want to make the most of every moment that I have.



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