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My greatest blessing of my life is my 3 daughters. I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of giving birth and witnessing the lives of these three beauties.

On Thursday, my husband Mario turned 65. I realise that this was inevitable


I felt like when did this happen???

Where did that time go???

Where is that 19 year old that I met in 1976???

Rachel our eldest put a photo of Mario with the three of them in 1990 on her post for his birthday.

They were 6, 4 and 2 years old and he was 34.

I love this photo.

Usually photos take me back to that place. Not this time.

I felt very emotional when I saw this photo again and thought to myself,

Who are these little children?
They are so cute.
I loved those young years.
Life was very simple.
Busy but simple.

Today, it is almost 32 years after that photo was taken.

I am so grateful that I have witnessed these little ones flourish and blossom into the incredible women that they are today.

These three have the biggest hearts and the most beautiful souls and I am proud that I am their mum.

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