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I always talk about showing gratitude.

Always finding something to be grateful for in our lives. I want to show gratitude for my feet with all my heart and soul. I am very lucky that most of my work is spent in bare feet.

I love being in bare feet. These are all the things that I am grateful that my feet have helped me with very regularly Walking on the sand Walking along the beach Walking in the water In fact I have walked in beaches at Anglesea, Phillip Island, Torquay, St Kilda and of course Port Melbourne of course not during lockdown. I have walked around the Tan, the city, albert park lake.

Climbed the 1000 steps,

Participated in boot camp

yoga and pilates classes



climbed heaps and heaps of stairs

supported me while I weight train. Pushed through 45 degree leg press, squats, lunges, step ups.

All of this without complaining too much.

They become dry and cracked sometimes and I do treat them kindly sometimes.

They have massages


pedicures and acupuncture.

Legs up the wall Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou I love them with all my heart and sole and will not take them for granted.

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