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The spirit of Tasmania has been a very familiar sight at Port Melbourne. You could even call her an icon. We rarely walk along the Esplanade or go for our walk around Port Melbourne without being treated to seeing the spirit arriving or

leaving or just hanging out at Station Pier.

Locals in Port Melbourne affectionately call her the spirit and everyone knows who you are talking about. There are 2 Spirits of Tasmania ships and they have been taking people and cargo to and from Tasmania (Devonport) for the past 20 years.

Some of the facts about the Spirit of Tasmania.

There are a lot of facilities and features on board.

Gaming lounges, cinemas, and restaurants.

There are 222 cabins to sleep in or recliner chairs for comfort on a day sailing.

There are actually two identical ships, Spirit of Tasmania I & Spirit of Tasmania II.

Both of the ships measure 194m and comprise 11 decks and 222 cabins.

They are able to take up to 1,400 passengers and 500 vehicles.

On the 22nd October, 2022

our Spirit of Tasmania will leave Station Pier, Port Melbourne for the last time

and arrive at her permanent home in Geelong on the 23rd October, 2022.

We will be saying goodbye to our familiar face.

We have lived in Port Melbourne for almost 9 years and we are very sad that we will lose this familiar face from Port Melbourne.

We have taken our car across on her for a 1 week holiday in Tasmania. We found it so easy. Literally less than 5 minutes down the road with our car and then on we drove. 10 hours later we were in Devonport Tasmania. We found our car on one of the lower decks and off we went. What we really loved was that you didn't have to pack everything for your holiday into a suitcase and worry about the weight. We just packed whatever we wanted into the car and off we went.

After 20 years we say:

Bon Voyage to our spirit.
We will miss you.
Happy travels to Geelong.
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