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The statistics are in...

What the research shows about employees health in the workplace.

Here are the Interesting statistics....

  • Although 90% of workers feel that companies have a responsibility to look after their health and wellbeing ONLY 44% of companies have any formal practices in place.

  • THE RESEARCH SHOWS that if Companies invest into their employees health then performance goes up.

44% of workers think that a wellbeing program at work would boost morale. 1 in 2 employees want mental-health support at work but only 29% of companies currently offer classes or coaching in this area.

These are the common health conditions expressed among workers.

Stress 28% Anxiety 24% Depression 20% High blood pressure 12% Cholesterol 9% Diabetes 6%.

If you are interesting in building team morale or offering any of the following in the workplace:

Gentle yoga


Core strength and flexibility classes

Functional strength training with some cardiovascular fitness

Relaxation techniques

Learning relaxing breathing techniques

These can be available on zoom or around the Melbourne CBD in 2022.

Please contact Wendy on 0418111905 or email on

Exercise not only changes your body,
it changes your mind,
your attitude and your mood.
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