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I have at lot to say on this subject but at the moment I am just very grateful that the gym is open this week.

I will just express some of my thoughts today to show my passion.

WEIGHT/STRENGTH/RESISTANCE TRAINING. I have been weight training for 32 years consistently.

It was my legs day today so I have to talk about squats When we speak about Squats.

We are really speaking about the "king" of training. We use so many muscles when we squat and squats have so many benefits. Love them or hate them, they are the best. Here are just 15 of the benefits.

There are so many variations of executing a squat. Work on your technique and build your foundation.

  • Squats can Help Your Circulation – Stretching your body through daily squatting gets the blood pumping in your body, while improving circulation Squatting helps to increase the nutrients and oxygen getting to the vital muscles and organs in your body.

  • Squats can improve Your digestive system – The muscular motion of the squat exercise helps to push fluids through your body, while helping you to easily eliminate wastes and toxins. This process can help to improve your digestive system and other systems in your body.

  • Squats tone your body – Although you are focused on building and toning your leg muscles, the squatting exercise also helps to promote and build muscles in other parts of your body.

  • Squats are low Impact – Squats are a low impact aerobic exercise that does not place pressure on your back, knees or joints. This is great to know for those who suffer with back and knee problems.

  • Squats are convenient – The squatting exercise can be done anywhere and does not require expensive gym equipment.

  • Squats Improves your balance and posture – Squats help with strengthening your back muscles, which allows you to correct posture and imbalances in the body.

  • Squats can help you to lose weight –The squatting motion leads to burning calories in the entire body. In addition to muscle toning and tissue growth, the squat can help you lose weight.

  • Squats Improve Bones, Joints and Muscles – Increases Oxygen and Blood Flow Around the Joints – The squatting motion helps to strengthen your bones, joints and muscles.

  • Squats Tone the entire body – The myth about the squatting motion is that it is designed to tone specific muscles in your legs.

  • Squats are one of the most beneficial exercises, because the squatting motion helps to tone not just your entire leg, but your entire body.

  • Squats help to give you a great firm booty– If you are looking for the best exercise for toning your booty, then look no further than the squat. Everybody can benefit from a great butt, and with the squatting exercise you can have one.

  • Squats help to improve your Leg Muscles – One of the most beneficial things about squatting, is that it helps to tone your leg muscles.

  • Squats help strengthen your core and abdominal muscles – Many experts agree that having a strong core, is one of the most essential things that you can do for your body. Performing daily squats will help to strengthen your abdominal muscles, thus helping to strengthen your core. There are countless health benefits that will come from this, including easier bending, and improved posture.

  • Squats help to burn more fat – Squats help to increase your metabolism, which leads to your body burning more fat.

  • Squats help to Ease day to day activities that use the squatting motion – Everyone says that practice makes perfect. Well, doing your squats are no exception. There are daily activities that you will do, that resemble the squatting motion. Having to pick up boxes can all be made easier by doing your squatting exercises.

  • Squats helps to prevent injuries – Athletes often use squats as a part of their daily training regimen.

  • Squats help to build bones, muscles, joints, the abdomen and core muscles, while lending way to improved overall health.

Of course squats are just one exercise that I love and I feel grateful for my strong legs.

Get squatting for your health's sake.

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