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This is my mother in law. My mother in law passed 2 years ago but I love this story that I wrote a while ago about good manners.


On Fridays we generally go to visit my mother in law in Berwick. My mother in law had a stroke in 2001 which left her paralysed on her right side and without her speech. She was a determined lady and managed to live this way for 18 years.

Most Fridays we try to take her out.

This depended a lot on the weather because she really feels the cold and disliked the wind.

We like nothing better than to take her for a walk in her wheelchair into High Street Berwick and have some light lunch or a drink. We loved getting her out and about.

During winter the weather had not been good and we have needed to use the car.

Last Friday we parked the car and walked a bit.

I made a comment to her about how well we are treated when we walk around Berwick with her.

People go out of their way to be polite, giving way to us, stopping and making conversation with her and in general treating her with the highest consideration and respect. I said to her you are like that Queen. It really made her happy and she would always smile and nod and try and tell people in her own way that she could not speak. She always tried to do this because she didn't like people to think that she was ignorant.

It always made me really happy because there is always so much spoken about rudeness and bad manners.

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