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Today is am showcasing the most important pose of yoga

Savasana. A lot of my clients will say, "WE ONLY COME FOR SAVASANA"

People like me over the years have resisted doing savasana because people like me have to learn for themselves the importance of savasana.

I had to learn that yoga was not about the hard bits, the challenging bits ONLY.

I had to learn that my body needed the savasana and the relaxation bits. These bits were what I needed to bring balance to my life.

When I say that yoga is for every body.

I am really talking about savasana.

In English savasana translates to corpse pose.

This pose is very simply the most important and the most beneficial pose. It is usually practiced at the end of a yoga class but can also be done after work or at any time of the day. The purpose of this pose is to completely relax your mind and body, not to make you fall asleep.

This pose has many mental, physical and spiritual advantages.

Here are some of them.

Helps get rid of insomnia, stress, fatigue, anxiety, anger or any other negative trait you want to eliminate from your personality

This asana also helps you get out of depression and worldly tensions.

Breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system Your resting and digestive response.

Savasana helps to improve your memory and develop concentration ability.

Restores your energy.

Relaxes your body muscles, and reduces you blood pressure.

Helps you to enter into an intense meditative state of mind.

Helps to repair tissues, which further helps your body function properly.

After practicing Savasana for a while you will be able to come up with lots more benefits.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to keep yourself awake. Don't worry though if you fall asleep, you must have needed it. I have tried to stay awake sometimes in Savasana and fallen asleep and after 10 minutes of savasana sleep I have felt so amazing and then so energised.

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