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MENOPAUSE How many of us are happy that we are going through the change? Most of us are happy that we do not get our monthly menstruation/period any longer... I can hear you saying.... that is the only good thing. but we are not happy with a lot of the other changes that go on during, before and after Menopause.

I am officially categorized as Post Menopause.....

I am happy that I have earned this title...


I have worked very hard to earn that title and I am embracing my 60s.

I am very grateful that my symptoms only.... went on for 5 years. When you are getting hot sweats and dry skin and waking up sometimes 2 or 3 times a night hot.... 5 years is a long time.

I have worked my hardest to cut down the impact to continue to live my life to the fullest. This is easier said than done. Sometimes it is the luck of the draw and it doesn't matter what you do but at least if you give it your best shot,

" that has been my attitude during my life."

Now that I look back and say that I have survived and my health and fitness has not suffered, I would love to help and support others. I have spent many hours researching benefits and helpful tips for a healthy Menopause both before and after. Sometimes it has not been without trial and error. I have had help with lots of natural practitioners and beautiful healthy oils and foods to support my hormones, immune system and my stress levels.

Lets stand tall and not be afraid to give back to ourselves. As women we spend a lot of our lives giving to others and putting others before ourselves. Now it is our time to put our health, fitness and wellbeing as a priority during this very important and dare I say special time of our lives. Lets face it, what is the alternative.

I will be blogging lot of things that have helped me so stay connected.

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