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My 1st blog for 2023

Welcome to 2023.

I am feeling very good about 2023. Already I am looking at some fabulous highlights.

I love to set up my diary at the start of the year with all the events and trips and some motivating goals for my fitness and health. I like to lock them in upfront.

As I commit to these dates I get excited about the possibilities and get really motivated.

I find that if I just talk about different things that are on my list for the year and do not commit then these events will probably not be prioritised.

When I commit to an event and write it down and especially if I pay for it in advance. I start to think about the logistics. When this happens, usually it is at least 80% sure to be followed through and achieved.

Over the past couple of years some of the things that I have committed to, have had to be canceled or postponed because of covid. When this happened it has been very disappointing and I found that I lost my confidence and motivation about following through and rebooking events when there was so much uncertainty.

NOW we CAN dream and set goals again.

Bring on 2023.

A new year with new possibilities.


When you get moving and set some goals around health and fitness.


Exercise releases endorphin

Exercise makes you feel good in the short term and help to improve your overall mood in the long term.

Exercise also helps you to feel relaxed and more positive and helps to improve

your self-esteem.

Exercise improves your mood.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is your vision?

What are your goals for 2023?

What are your dreams?

Are you being specific enough when you think about what you want?

How are you going to achieve your goals/dreams?

I love this quote:

"A goal

with no plan

is just a wish"

Some of my favorite photos from a

visit to the zoo last week.

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