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When Random memories come up??

Interesting when Random photos come up from posts that you have put on Facebook.

These photos came up as a Collage today named:


Quite random I thought.

I thought when you put them all together. 5 years of bits and pieces and only 9 photos that do paint a small picture of who I am.

Each of these photos has a story and still is only a small part of my life.
Just a tiny snippet.

A photo of a wonderful weekend retreat that I attended.

Some of the things we shared took us out of our comfort zone.

A photo of when I first had my top lip burnt off in a procedure to remove pre-cancer cells. I am very grateful that this procedure was a success.

This photo is from our last beautiful trip to Europe. The photo is while we were on the way to the Isle of Capri. I love it so much when photos come up of wonderful memories of travel.

My gorgeous family who do not need any introduction.

I love them so much.

A photo from Yoga Devotion by the ocean. There are so many photos from these events over the past 9 years. Interesting that this photo has come up because Nikki came back into my life after a lot of years and came to our event. Another very grateful memory.

Another very important part of my life is the many years of events that I have participated in for Relay for Life. An event that I have been involved with for more than 15 years.

A typical photo of me coming back from a walk like a drowned rat, insisting that the rain was not that heavy and then it is very heavy. Always the optimist.

Our beautiful great niece Annie at her 4th birthday party. Such a little treasure.

Michelle and I always have the selfie at the football. Haha. Have no idea what game. We always love football together.

Keep the memories coming. I love the memories that we create in our lives. These are our windows to show us who we are.

Live life to the fullest and create as many memories as you can.

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