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Since lockdown has hit I have been pre recording yoga and pilates classes.
These classes are sent with a link and are live for 2 weeks.
Many of my clients are enjoying these pre recording as they cannot come to face to face classes.
I have been varying the types of classes and the intensity of the classes that I am delivering.
Each week my participants receive 4 classes.
2 classes are 1 hour long and the other 2 classes are short classes.
You receive:
1 hour pilates (variety of different levels and types)
1 hour yoga class (variety of different levels and types)
30 minute circuit style pilates class
40 minute vinyasa flow style yoga class
The shorter classes are great for doing multiple times during the 2 week period or when you want to include them with other exercise.
The cost is $40.00 per month to get these links.

Here is a gift of a short 30 minute thermal band circuit style pilates class for you to enjoy.

Download ZIP • 114.64MB

Please give me some feedback and reach out if you would like any help with purchasing any thermal bands.

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