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I have always loved goal setting, even when I was a teenager I set goals and dreamed about all the possibilities.

We have all been very challenged in 2021 with our goal setting. Travelling, advancing our businesses (especially in the fitness arena)

Fun runs, charity walks, booked holidays, stage productions and shows, all cancelled one after the other.

We were left to accept these changes and

so I decided that I needed to focus
on what I could still do and not what I couldn't.

With this in mind I sat down and wrote a list of all the things that I did achieve in 2021.

My Travel that did happen in between lockdowns and restrictions:

Quay west Suites, overnight stay in the city, including a beautiful Kayak in the Yarra with my friend Deb.

Tasmania for a week - February

Sydney, including the Blue Mountains and Newcastle for a week - March

2 night getaway in the city for a yoga retreat for one in the city in April, including walks of the tan and 3 sessions of yoga at my favourite yoga studio in Prahran.

Overnight stay in the city in November, for an early Christmas present for us.

4 day hike to the Great Ocean Road to explore this beautiful part of the world on foot. I was truly blessed with beautiful weather, beautiful company and the best scenery. Everything was taken care of for me and I am so grateful for the experience.

Feeling very grateful now that I write it all down and realise that we are very lucky.

Other thing that happened in 2021.

In 2021 I took up writing blogs and published 87 blogs this year.

Writing these blogs was very rewarding for me because again the motivation was to keep my thoughts very positive and focus on the things that made me happy. I have shared a lot of my passions and a lot of loves of my life.

I was lucky to have a photo shoot in April by the beautiful Rena and my beautiful Rachel organised these lovely photos for me.

Other achievements this year have been;

Teaching 200 pre recorded classes

140,000-150,000 steps per week for the whole year.

10,000 stair climbs in November.

Teaching grade 5 students yoga for a whole term in 2nd term this year.

In July I supported Shuddha with a beautiful 3 day yoga retreat. Shuddha is an amazing facilitator and is extremely organised. I enjoyed catering for her event. There were 21 participants and the location was amazing in Wensleydale near Anglesea.

Walking 21km with the stars in December to raise money for cancer research.

Connecting with my clients over zoom as much as I could and appreciating the fact that I could still keep my business going.

Achieving 2 on line courses in the fitness industry.

The first one was getting heaps of ideas for thermal band workouts. I have been able to included a lot of these ideas in my classes, which is fabulous.

The second one was Certificate 1 and 2 in wellness coaching. I loved this course and found it very beneficial. I will be using a lot of this material moving forward into 2022.

All in all I feel that the main thing that I missed was not spending enough time with my family and friends. This is what I am looking forward to doing a lot more in 2022.

I am blessed and looking forward to 2022 and setting a lot of new goals.

My main goal is always for happiness and health.

Wishing you all the same for 2022.

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