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Just breathe.

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

We all breathe.

Well, obviously you say.

but do we really use our full lung capacity?

Yoga is fantastic for teaching us to breathe deeply and to expand our lung capacity.

Breathing deeply allows our body to relax and our stress hormones to reduce. Concentrating on our breath can allow our breath to become deeper and calmer.

Aim for just 10 minutes a day can help
us to feel rejuvenated.
My yoga classes always have a small part of the class dedicated to Pranayama breathing.

I teach many types of yoga breathing or pranayama breathing.

These are most of the breathing techniques that

I teach in my classes.

Viloma breathing

Nadi shodha breathe

bumble bee breath

box breath

fire breath

Deep thoracic breath.

These are most of the breathing techniques that I teach in my classes.

The benefits of yoga Breathing techniques are

Helping to calm and focus the mind

Helping to develop control over breath flow

Extends the duration of breath and expands the lung capacity for both inhalation and exhalation

Removes stale air with the outgoing breath, brings fresh oxygen with inhalation

The particular benefits of Bumble Bee breathing are

Helps bring calmness & clarity

The benefits of bumble bee breath come from extending the length of your exhales compared to the inhale.

Each pranayama breath has a slightly different focus but all are great for calming the nervous system and learning how to calm the mind and increase our concentration skills.



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