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Mothers Day Reflection

As we celebrate another Mother's Day. I would really like to share.

I was lucky to celebrate 31 years with my Mum and now this year

I have had 32 years of mothers days without my mum.

I have had many emotions on Mother's day over the years so this is why I do not say 32 years of celebrating mothers days without my mum.

My own daughters were aged seven, five, and three when my mum passed away. I had to dig very deep in some of the years that followed to be happy to celebrate Mothers Day.

I have found that this is a very emotional subject for me.

I still have trouble summing up all I want to say about my mum.

My mum, unfortunately, died at 54, far too young.

My mum has left such a legacy for us and I have so many stories of love, selflessness, grace, and strength. Yes, my mum was so strong and never complained about what she was dealt with in her life. I think of how amazing she was for this but I wish she had yelled and ranted and raved and complained. Mum got throat cancer and then a brain tumour and who knows why. Cancer is so cruel. My mum taught me so much about love and I never take my health for granted. I am very fussy and invest so much time and effort into keeping myself fit and healthy.

I am certainly not one of these people who are blessed with good genes. I have cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, migraines, and rheumatoid arthritis and that is just on my mum's side. My father walked out on my family when I was 10 so I am not sure what nasties were on his side.

I feel blessed to have had a beautiful relationship with my mum and will cherish this forever.

As the years have gone on, I feel very blessed each year that I continue to enjoy an adult relationship with my girls. My girls are 38, 37, and 34 now and I feel blessed that we are still able to enjoy our lives together and hope for many more years to come.

I never take life for granted and I always feel grateful.


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