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Sharing my menopause

5 years ago I started sharing a page named

Are you ready for the Big M "Menopause"

I started sharing information and stories about what I thought was relevant.

I found that when it all started for me eight years ago, I had to do a lot of research to find the best ways to support myself naturally.

Working around some of the symptoms and still staying healthy and fit in the process.

I have come through the other side which is fabulous and there really is life after menopause.

At the time you think it will never end.

I just thought that I would share a memory that came up from 5 years ago when my lovely husband Mario had some words of wisdom for the blokes out there.

And I quote:

"HOLD ONTO THE SHEETS AND BLANKETS TIGHTLY' because sooner or later you will be uncovered (unceremoniously). It will come without warning! And it could be any time of the night and no matter what the season. "TRY TO BE UNDERSTANDING" And don't think for a moment that warming up by cuddling into the hot flush is a good idea......

Then there is this funny quote:

My greatest fear is that the menopause doesn't exist
and this is actually the REAL me.

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