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When spring arrives it brings us mineral rich vegetables which help our bodies to detoxify.

Nature always knows best.

The foods that we need in spring are:

· Easily to digest

· High in water and fibre content

· Nourishing and cleansing for the digestive and lymphatic system and our organs

· Full of antioxidants

· Full of anti inflammatory

What are great foods for spring?

Here are the top 10 foods for spring.

1. Lemons: containing lots of vitamin C which helps convert toxins into a water soluble and helps to flush and cleanse through the body. Your liver is your largest cleansing organ and our liver loves lemons.

2. Spinach: is rich in Anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

3. Pineapple: helps cleanse and tone the pores in the lungs, which directly affects the elasticity of your lung sacs.

4. Green peas: can be digested easily and eliminated efficiently. Rich in antioxidants.

5. Celery: assists colon cleansing and helps to protect liver cells from the damaging effects of alcohol and other toxins.

6. Sesame seeds: are full of amino acids and also helps the liver and kidneys to function and to detox effectively.

7. Cabbage: activates detoxifying enzymes in the liver.

8. Citrus fruits: are high in vitamin C which helps to feed the liver. Also reduces mucous and has high amounts of pectin which is good for cleansing.

9. Asparagus: helps cleanse the kidneys and reduces water retention. Also promotes the growth and activity of friendly bacteria in the intestines making it difficult for unfriendly bacteria to grow.

10. Plenty of water to help the elimination process.

Spring is the time for cleansing the body
from the winter (blues).
In the winter the tendency is to get sluggish.
Spring is the opportunity to shed heavier layers and clean and cleanse the body of excess toxins in the tissues.
Our bodies are very good at cleansing naturally but we can help ourselves to feel fantastic by giving ourselves a helping hand.

The way our body works is that a lot of junk is stored within us and needs some detoxifying. We cleanse through 3 main systems.

1. The circulatory system pumps blood throughout the body and take oxygen to the cells whilst carrying waste away.

2. The digestive system processes the food we eat and absorbs the nutrients we need and then eliminates anything we don’t need.

3. The lymphatic system collects fluid from our cells and sends it to the lymph nodes and ditches any harmful bacteria.

The elimination organs (lower digestive system, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin) then helps to expel toxins.


Yoga stimulates the 3 systems to help cleanse.

Yoga works so well in stretching and compressing our organs, coupled with calm breathing and is particularly good at helping our body to remove waste from the deep tissues and extremities.

Above all,
enjoy spring,
as the days start getting longer
we see and smell beautiful flowers,
sunny days and beautiful sunsets.

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