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1 week into spring already. I have included heaps of twists in my classes already this week. Honestly, I can already feel the difference. More Motivation, more inspired, more energy. Love this time of the year.

Beautiful time of the year.

Twists are fantastic for helping the body to cleanse and eliminate waste and toxins from the body.

Twists help to squeeze the abdominal organs and massage the digestive system.

Twists help to improve digestive function.

When you twist you will cut off the blood supply to your digestive organs, and then when you release the twist, you re-introduce the fresh oxygenated blood that can help to cleanse the cells of any build-up of waste with the increase in circulation.

Twists also help maintain normal spinal rotation. Basically, the saying,

If you don't use it you loose it.

The spine can become stiff over time and you can loose the range of motion. Twisting postures can help to keep the spinal muscles mobile.

Twists help to deal with stress or anxiety. Twist postures help to open the chest, shoulders, and back, all of this helps to decrease feelings of anxiousness.

So think of the benefits of that song and when we danced all night.


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