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Did you know that 60% of Australians over 50 suffer with weak bones?

At I love Balance I like to concentrate a lot on including balance exercises in all of my classes.

Balance is really important for all of us.

Balance is really important as we get older to keep stable through our joints.

4 great reasons to improve your balance.

Balance helps injury prevention. Improving your balance will lower the risk of injury, regular balance work can decrease your risk of a sprain or a fall.

Improving your balance improves your posture and strength

other health benefits including a reduced chance of arthritis, back paid and other health issues.

improving your balance can also help your brain. Memory and confusion can be greatly improved when you improve your balance.

Weight bearing on one leg is a really fantastic way to increase bone density and help to strengthen your muscles.

Tree pose helps to strengthen your hips, knees, calves and ankles and helps to improve the posture and alignment.

Studies have found that if we can balance for 1 minute on each leg, this is considered average balance.

Challenging ourselves to stand on one leg for 1 minute every day.

Try and work your sides equally.

You will notice that you will always have a preferred leg and your balance is better on one side than the other.

It is normal to have a side of your body that is different to the other. Work your sides as evenly as your can.


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