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Thankyou so much from WAM

Thankyou so much for connecting with us yesterday and sharing some of your memories from the WAM days.

What an absolute hoot....

I love all the memories that have come up and all the sharing. Absolutely fantastic.

Each one of you has contributed to the good old WAM days and we are so happy that they were special to all of you too.

Something else that got me thinking is:

Some of those early years of some of my beautiful pregnant clients.

Their children would be adults now.....

Some of my clients are grandparents now....

Some of the little pre schoolers that would come into sessions with their parents would also be teenagers or adults......

In fact a whole generation has been born since 1999......


Do you realise how old that makes us feel & wonderful at the same time because we don't feel that different, not until we look in the mirror. haha.


I found a couple more photos of the last night at the Berwick pub farewell.

I found these photos of the Vesper Drive studio. Unfortunately none of Mario, he must have been taking the photos.

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