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The beautiful You Yangs.

What is so special about the You Yangs?

There are many things that make this destination very special to visit.

The views, the rocks, the flora, the birds and the (bunjil) eagle.

There are so many walks in the You Yangs range.

Today we walked to the Flinders peak. The flinders peak is the highest point of the range. 319 metres above sea level and the viewing platform provides 360 degree views.

The Flinders peak walk is a distance of 3.2km.

There are 450 steps to climb but it is not a continuous climb. At times the gradient is quite steep rising 200 metres. The walk is clearly marked throughout and the walk provides views over the Western Plains and towards Geelong and Melbourne.

The massive granite boulders with various sizes and shapes along the trail are very impressive.

There is a viewing platform along the way that provides a view over the bunjil geoglyph, build in 2006 commemorating the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

To commemorate the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, spectacular stone structures located in Geelong’s Eastern Park and the You Yangs Regional Park were created by renowned artist Andrew Rogers, as part of a world-wide series of geoglyphs.
An aerial view of the You Yangs stone sculpture reveals Bunjil the traditional Creator Spirit of the Wathaurong Aboriginal people. Bunjil, represented in the form of a Wedge-tailed Eagle, is best viewed from the Flinders Peak Track. The size of Bunjil 100m wingspan x 80m deep. The sculpture is marked out with stones or boulders which can only be fully appreciated when viewed from high above. There was 1500 tonnes of rock used and was assembled with the help of the indigenous community.

The Flinders Peak is a fabulous walk and an easy 45 minute drive from Melbourne. You can do this walk on it's own or add it to many others walks at the You Yang Range.

There are picnic tables and toilets. You will need to take everything you need with you and take all your rubbish home. There are no bins in the car park or in the range.

A fabulous quote about walking in nature that I love:

Into the forest I go,

to lose my mind

and find my soul.

John Muir
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