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Week 4 Run 4 the kids

This week is week 4 of my training for the Run 4 the kids.

Steve Moneghetti is fantastic and so good at building the intensity.

I was not really happy with my progress until week 3.

Last week was week 3 and I felt like I ticked all the boxes very well. The weather has been very warm and sometimes I have early morning zooms and cannot run when the weather is a bit cooler.

I decided that I needed to be sensible and by week 3 I had my time management a bit better sorted.

Yesterday I did my 7km run at 6.30pm. So the program was to walk 5 minutes and then run 7km and then walk 5 minutes.

I waited until it was a little cooler and there was a bit more shade around and I walked the first 5 minutes from home and then ran to Albert Park Lake. Albert Park Lake was another approx. 2km and then ran a whole lap of the lake (4.9km) and then I walked the 30 minutes home. I ran 48 minutes without stopping.

I am trying not to get caught up with my times, as I have in the past. I am just getting the kilometres in and trying my best not to stop before I have ran the required distance.

This week is week 4 so the intensity is building bit by bit.

Wednesday will be 5 minute walk 6km run and then 5 minute walk.

Friday will be 5 minute walk 24 minutes of walk 1 minute, run 1 minute and then 5 minute walk.

Sunday will be 10 minute walk then 7.4km run and 10 minute walk.
Sundays training this week will be walk 10 minutes and then run to the tan, about 3 kilometres and the run a lap of the tan and a bit of the tan and then walk home (4.5km). The tan is 3.9km around the Botanic Gardens in the city. It is easy to work out the distance as there are signposts every 250 metres around the track.

I am enjoying following this training schedule as it is keeping me motivated.

I love this quote:

John Bingham

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