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Do fit employees have more energy?

Healthier employees are more productive in general. The cost savings of providing a workplace health program can be measured against the absenteeism among employees. Other benefits can be:

an increase in productivity

reduced overtime to cover absent employees

and the costs to train replacement employees

Do you have fitness/yoga/pilates classes available in the workplace?

During the past 2 years some opportunities have come my way for corporate businesses.

During lockdowns and working from home many workers were left unsupported in this way. Many were sitting for too long, not taking enough breaks and generally becoming too sedentary with not enough activity.

I started working with a few companies who felt that it was very important for their employees and teams to stay motivated and to stay connected.

Some of these companies have realised that in 2022 the need is still there.

The convenience of offering exercise in their homes around work hours has been very beneficial.

For employers, the benefits are huge for them to keep their employees physical and mental health fit.

To encourage employees to embrace their health and fitness as a lifestyle choice will pay off in numerous ways.

Here are some of the benefits for health and wellbeing.

  • employees are less likely to get sick and of course this is a huge benefit to the employer.

  • employees are less inclined to have neck, back and shoulder pain and stiffness and also will have an overall increase in postural awareness.

  • employees will be encouraged to have stronger core strength, flexibility and stability.

  • employees will have a reduced risk of injury as their bodies are stronger and healthier.

  • employees will have more energy. The energy allows the employee to stay focused on the task with increased concentration.

  • Mentally and physically healthy employees are generally ore optimistic, creative and motivated.

  • many employees feel happy when they are encouraged by others to participate in exercise and therefore a fitness activity is very beneficial for team building and also finding new ways to work together and build connections.




If you are interested in speaking with me about the possibilities of classes in the workshop in 2022. Please contact me on 0418111905.

I have many options to offer.

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