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Updated: Sep 17, 2021


In pursuit to find cygnets. Spring is a beautiful time of the year and usually by the middle of September we have lots of signets at Albert Park Lake.

The weather was amazing. A cool spring morning, not too windy and the sun was out. I was off to get some beautiful photos of these gorgeous little creatures.

Albert Park lake is a 5km radius so one has to be patient sometimes. You never know where they will turn up. I was about 100km in and saw my first family. 3 little ones, I was excited. I thought I will be lucky today.

This is just a start.

I kept walking and walking for my next photo opportunity.

I saw lots of swans sleeping....

I saw some other beautiful birds and heard a lot of birds chirping which is so lovely....

but no cygnets.

Walking, Walking still no more cygnets.

Getting distracted I saw a wonderful little photo opportunity.

Lost and found.....

You really don't have to look very far to find people that are very considerate and kind.....

Lots of sunglasses and keys but still no more cygnets.

I keep walking in my pursuit.

From a distant I can see a lot of swans and I think I might be lucky, there could be another family. As I got closer I was disappointed, no cygnets.