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Optimist v realist

When should the optimist listen to the realist?

When should the realist listen to the optimist?

Such good questions......

This afternoon:

Raining, dark clouds, windy.

All the reasons when an afternoon walk is not such a great idea.


Just put your raincoat on and I'm sure the rain won't get any heavier.


You have participated in a yoga class this morning.

You have taught a yoga class, worked out at the gym and walked home. You have been wet from the rain already today.


Of course, I went for a walk to Webb dock, 3.3km each way and...

Of course, 2km into the walk the realist should have decided that it was time to turn back.

but no, that didn't happen.

"I am wet anyway"

but then....

The rain got heavier

The wind got stronger

The sand started to blow in my face

The wind started to push me back.

Needless to say that I pressed on regardless.

Anyway as you can see I did make it home in one piece.

Feeling very wet and very cold.

and feeling invigorated.

Will I remember and next time listen to the realist.

No way!!!!

dala lama
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