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Welcome 2022

My first blog for 2022.

I have been researching quotes that inspire me for goal setting for 2022. I have come up with a few that I have found. There are so many out there but we need to feel into them.

We all talk about New Years Resolutions but most of the time they are not sustainable. I have been working with people for a long time with their fitness and health and I ask myself why?

I feel there are lots of reasons.

  1. I think we have to be realistic. I learned this last year myself when goal after goal came crashing down. I felt like ok!! back to the drawing board and revaluate and be willing to change and set another realistic goal.

  2. We have to be consistent. We may do something new for 1 week but 1 week is not enough to create a habit. Research shows that a habit is formed in 4-6 weeks.

  3. As much as we like new things. We all do best with routine. If a new goal is too hard to bring into our routine then we will give up easily. Keep it simple to slot in if it is something new, then build in the challenge as your confidence grows.

  4. Finally, I feel the last one I want to talk about is support. Ask for help. Delegate if you can. Sometimes we don't share with others what is really important to us. Remember communication is the key to achieving our goals.

Some other food for thought.

Think about goals for the year that make you happy.

I had a lot of goals and a lot of them had to be broken but when I look at the year, I still achieved a lot.

Break down your goals into short, medium and long term goals and be realistic.

Give yourself gratitude, even for your small achievements and be kind to yourself.

Start your goals with positive words. I will, I am, I can.

Instead of words that can bring up negative emotions like quit, not, won't, don't.

The more positive your thoughts are the better.

Remember the words habit, consistently and routine.

These are great words when forming new habits.

Most of all, find your happy place.

These quotes get me excited and inspired for the year ahead.

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