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4 Interesting facts on water

I found some interesting facts on water.

Why we need to fall in love with water.

Here are 4 great facts that I found.

1. 60 to 70% of our body is water.

It’s a bit higher for newborns (77%) and men have more water in their bodies the lungs (83%), muscles and kidneys (79%), and the heart and brain (73%). Even the bones are for 31% water

2. We need to drink about two litres of water a day to stay healthy.

If you drink two litres of water a day, you’ll drink about 60,000 litres of water in our life if you live until at least 80.

3. Foods that have a high water content.

cucumbers. 96% water. Zucchini 95% water and watermelon 92% water.

4. A lot of water is needed to produce other drinks.

Beer takes about 150 litres of water to produce one pint of beer and it takes 200 litres of water to produce the beans for one cup of coffee.


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