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Pilates for every body...

I have been teaching pilates since 2007. I have taught people of all ages, all fitness levels, for injuries, for back problems, for rehabilitation and just for general fitness and good health benefits.

Lets look at the benefits of pilates.

  1. Pilates increases muscle strength and tone,

  2. Pilates increases muscle strength of your abdominal muscles,

  3. Pilates increases muscle strength of your lower back,

  4. Pilates increases muscle strength of your hips and buttocks.

  5. Pilates balances the muscular strength on both sides of your body.

  6. Pilates enhances the muscular control of your back and limbs.

  7. Pilates improves the stabilisation of your spine.

and these are just some of the benefits.

Here are some other interesting benefits
of regular classes of pilates.

  • Pilates focuses on the centre/core stabilization muscles. These muscles are the foundation muscles of all of our movements.

  • Every pilates exercise focuses on strengthening our centre/core.

  • Pilates helps with postural awareness and alignment.

  • Pilates focuses on our lumber spine, pelvis and hips to help prevent injuries.

  • Pilates helps to build healthy, strong muscles.

We all have strengths and weaknesses in our bodies.

A balanced pilates program will work both sides of our body equally.

A balanced class will work one side of the body at a time with equal amount of repetitions.

Specific exercises will force our weaker or stiffer sides to work and preventing our stronger sides of our bodies to take over.

If our stronger side continually take over and do more of the work that the weaker side then our imbalances become greater and over time this can cause many other problems.
Many of the pilates exercises increase and develop awareness of our body, helping us to correct and improve these imbalances.
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